2 Million BC Slots

Betsoft Gaming is the software producer behind 2 Million BC Slots. That means you can expect to find a story-based theme, well-designed graphics, 3D animations, and rich features when you open this 5 reel, 3 row, and 30 paylines boasting reel spinner at a Betsoft software supported casino website. Want to know what else you can expect while playing this slot title? Then continue to read this casino game review article to learn more.

Test out This Game During a Demo Play Spinning Session

Free to play demo versions of this compelling slot machine title can be found all over the internet. Many game review websites not only inform online gambling enthusiasts about all the details of the slot, but also offer them the opportunity to check for themselves what the reel spinner is like before they proceed to play it at actual casino platforms. Give the slot a few spins if you have the chance to play a demo version at such review websites, because that will help you to make better informed real money bets in a later stage.

Immerse Yourself in a Caveman Themed Slot Machine Adventure

The story-based theme attached to this slot reel spinner revolves around a brave and dedicated caveman who is in search of the most beautiful and valuable diamonds for his lovely wife. In order to find these precious gems, he ventures into the hazardous jungle, and takes you along on his often dangerous but certainly exciting and rewarding trip into the wild.

2 Million BC Slots Design Elements Let a Primitive World Come to Life

This virtual slot machine title fully immerses you in a prehistoric jungle setting with its detailed game design elements. You will make reel spins in a lush, green environment while the diamond seeking caveman accompanies on the right side of the reel frame. A drumbeat background sound, together with caveman era themed symbols and game play buttons, further complete the unique, ancient design that this adventurous slot machine title has to offer.

Slot Game Type Details for This Reel Spinner

2 Million BC Slots is a modern, 3D video slot that boasts five reels and three rows on which primitive themed symbols are shown. It comes with a couple of fun bonus features but does not have a progressive jackpot reward on offer. Its highest paying non-feature payout is 2500 credits, which is a prize you can win if you spin the pretty cavewoman into a five piece combination.

Activate Paylines on Which You Can Land Winning Symbol Combinations

This game gives you the choice to activate between 1 and 30 paylines, on which you then need to land the right symbol combinations in order to trigger profitable wins. You can adjust the number of active winlines via the "select Lines" stone button at the bottom of the screen. On the right side of that stone, you see a plus sign on which you need to click in order to increase the number of functioning paylines. The right side of the stone displays a minus sign, which lets you decrease the number of active paylines on the reels.

Adjustable Betting Options Make You Optimize Your Wins

Besides adjusting the desired number of paylines, you can also adjust your betting options. On the left side of the "Select Lines" stone, you see a "Choose Coin" rock that, when clicked on, gives you the option to choose between $0.01, $0.02, $0.03, $0.04, $0.05, $0.10, $0.15, $0.20, $0.25, $0.50, and $1.00 coin bet values.

On the right side of the "Choose Coin" rock, you see another stone that has "Bet Per Line" written on it together with a plus and minus sign. Adjust your betting options to their highest values to increase your chance of scoring the most lucrative wins. Lastly, there is also a campfire game play button on the bottom right of the screen next to the caveman and the "Spin" rock. The sign "Bet Max Spin" is burning on this campfire. Click on it to play with a maximum bet that can deliver top rewards.

Learn More About the Game via Its Paytable

The paytable of this game can provide you with further details about its features, symbols, available win amounts, and payline structures. While being in the game, you can check out the paytable details by clicking on the "View Pays" leaf at the top right corner of the game screen. Once the paytable screen pops up, you can navigate through it via a "Next" rock button on the bottom right side of the screen, and a "Prev" stone on the bottom left side of the screen.

Available Bonus Round Features That Make You Win Extra Credits

This game is packed with two, fun to play bonus features that, when triggered, are able to give you valuable credit wins. Try to obtain three acorn symbols during the course of your spins to activate the Saber Attacks feature. In this feature, you need to help your diamond stealing caveman friend during his mission to knock out the fearsome Sabretooth with acorns. From on top of the reels, you need to aim and try to throw the acorns on the Sabretooth's head. Completing this mission successfully will earn you extra casino credits and, of course, the respect of the caveman's wife.

The other bonus feature is one that takes you to a second screen. Once there, you need to make a choice for the caveman on how he should approach the sleeping Sabretooth, and steal the diamond that the big cat is holding between its paws. Will you attack, entertain or sneak to lay claim on the diamond? The second screen diamond bonus feature becomes active when you spin three or more diamond icons into a successful combination that crosses an activated payline.

Enhance Your Reel Spinning Experiences with Free Games

A slot machine game experience would not be complete without there being the opportunity to win some extra free spins. This game is able to give you those free spins via its campfire symbol. Spin this symbol at least three times on the reels to activate the free games feature. Also, you can claim even more of those complimentary spins when you land another sufficient set of campfire reel attributes on the reels while the feature is active.

The RTP Rate Will Tell You How This Game Performs in Terms of Payouts

RTP stands for Return to Player. Each slot machine title has an RTP rate that gives you a good indication of how a game performs in terms of payouts. It is a percentage of the stakes that a slot will return to you (measured over a certain number of plays). In the case of this slot machine game, the given Return to Player percentage is 91.94%.

Slot Game Ratings Help You Determine If This Is a Game Worth Playing

While searching online for more information, you can find various ratings for this slot machine title. Since Betsoft is known for producing high quality games that are able to satisfy many players, you are certainly going to come across a lot of positive ratings that will play an important role in convincing you that this is a slot machine game worth playing.

Find out What Other Slot Winners Were Able to Get out of This Game

If you want to search for more indicators that it is worth it to place real money wagers at 2 Million BC Slots spinning sessions, then also look online to find winners that have made newsworthy wins while playing this game. It is a slot that has been around for a while so there are going to be plenty of players out there who were able to conquer its reels successfully.

Playing with Casino Fun Credits Removes the Risk of Losing Money

If you locate this slot for the first time at a Betsoft Gaming casino, then it might be good idea to initially play it in fun mode if a free version of the game is available. When you play for free, it will be the casino that supplies you with fun credits so that practice spins can be made. By playing with fun credits, there is no risk of losing any money. You can play for fun as long as you want until you are ready to switch to real money spinning sessions.

Feel Elevated Levels of Excitement While Playing with Real Money Bets

Nothing beats the anticipation and elevated levels of excitement that a real money slot spinning session brings along. Once you set your bets and hit that spin button, you know that a possible big win could land on the reels in the next few seconds. If it are those juicy wins that you're after, then make sure you locate a Betsoft casino that has this game on offer in real money mode, and then proceed to play it with a well-funded bankroll.

Take Your Prehistoric Spinning Experience to the Road via Mobile Play

Many Betsoft casinos have made their games available for mobile players. These casinos are your portal to 2 Million BC Slots if you like to enjoy this game while being on the go. Use an Android or iOS operated device to take your prehistoric reel spinning experiences with you on the road, so that you can play at any location that comes with a proper internet connection.