4 Seasons Slots

4 Seasons Slots from Betsoft is a cute game that has imagery of different animals that coincide with the different seasons of the year. As with all the Betsoft games, the graphics and clear and interactive and the player can try out the game for fun before placing real money bets. The game is available online for players that want to download the game, or the player can access it through the instant play version given at no downloadable casinos. There is also a mobile version of the game where players can access it through the web browser of their mobile device or the player can choose to download the online casino that sits on the home screen of their mobile device, whether it is Android or Apple. Getting Going with 4 Season Slots 4 Seasons slots can be played in fun format for as long as the player wants giving him a chance to get to know the games and understand all the bonus options offered. Symbols in the game include dogs, dragons, goats, horses, rabbits, rats and roosters. Players can place bets of up to $150 per spin using a variety of coin sizes that range from $0.01 up to $1. There are five reels and thirty paylines to the game and players can place up to five coins per spin per game.

Learning How to Win

In order to get to know the game it is recommended that the player tries out the game in fun format before placing real money bets in order to learn about the different bonus options offered. The game offers multi reel block combinations where the player earns extra bonus multiplier payouts when symbols are blocked together. A two-reel combination doubles the payouts, a three-reel combination triples the payouts, a four-reel combination will multiply the payouts 5x and a five-reel combination will multiply payouts 10x. The gold cat is wild and apart from substituting for other symbols it also offers a huge payout of up to 10000 coins when five appear on an active payline. Three and more of the yin yang symbols on the screen award the player with free spins. Three award the player with 8 free spins, four award the player with 12 free spins and five award the player with 20 free spins. The free spins can be triggered again giving the player more chances to win.

Rotating Seasons Bonus

Every 30 spins the zodiac wheel on screen will rotate making a different animal gold, The golden animal when appearing on screen awards the player 10x the coin bet placed and all symbols to the left and right of it turn silver awarding the player 5x the payout and all remaining symbols on the same line award the player 2x the coin bet placed. This is an extra bonus given in addition to the multiple bonus offers in the game. At the end of every winning payout when playing 4 Seasons slots, the player can choose to gamble his winnings by trying to double them. This is done by tossing a coin and waiting for it to land heads or tails depending on the bet that was placed. The 4 Seasons slots is a colorful and fun game with imagery that is reminiscent of the Chinese New Year's and changing seasons.